For Small Business Owners

Tools to help you automate your business for growth, while saving time and money! 

I'm a small business owner in Colorado, and I'm always looking for ways to grow my business without having to employee more people, having to spend hours learning some complicated software or strategy, or hiring an expensive third party to do the work for me.

I believe in automating my business as much as possible, with easy to use software. I will be sharing the tools that I personally use to grow my business, with the least amount of time and effort possible here.

I also have experience with these tools and can help you get started, or even run the software for you. 

Mike Gates

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Suite of Tools

Lead Generation Software

Automate Your Social Media Posting

Create A Whole Year Of Content In Just An Hour And Generate A Month’s FREE Traffic In Just Minutes...
With The Easiest Automated Social Media Management Platform You'll Ever Own!.

It's like having an entire Social Media Management team working for you On Autopilot.

Reputation Monitoring Software

Do You Know What is Being Said Online About Your Business?

80% of consumers change their mind about buying after seeing negative info online!

Monitor what is being said about your business, your products, your family...even your competitors. This software will alert you when it finds conversations about the alerts you set.

Start Crushing Your Online Advertising

Save THOUSANDS on ads and generate insane ROIs with the most powerful one-click market research platform ever created.

Imagine knowing exactly who your ideal customer is, where they hang out on the web, what sites they visit and how to reach them in the best possible way!

What would that be worth to you? I can tell you it's worth much more than the cost of this software!

Digital Marketing Help

I can help you get setup and started with any tool on this page. Or, I can manage the service for you. 

Because I run a small firm, with little over head, I can offer very affordable digital marketing services to small businesses. I specialize in helping small businesses get their business online, and help them automate, using tools that I use myself. 

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